Tall Timber


Another great Prahran cafe that ticks all the boxes. With the beginning of summer upon us, it was the perfect time to check this place out. With a number of outdoor seating options – on the street or in the rear courtyard area – surely this is one of the premium summer options in the area. Melbourne being Melbourne, perhaps it was too soon for an early Sunday breakfast in shorts and t-shirt, but nonetheless I was determined to celebrate the beginning of the warmest season.

The coffee was solid. An Allpress blend. Not outstanding, but nicely executed. I was slightly disappointed that the single origin had not arrived – apparently the delivery was late. I will reserve final judgement until I can get a taste of the specialty brew on offer.

Of course I was enticed by the smashed avo. A solid example of this fine dish, with a twist or two to keep you interested. This one comes with beetroot hummus (not so innovative and more of a thin puree rather than a hummus) and chimichurri (this is different!). I really liked the idea of the chimichurri, and it was the reason I ultimately went with this dish – I am going through a chili obsession faze right now. Interestingly the waitress chose to describe it as an “Asian pesto” which is odd for an Argentinian sauce with nothing much to link it to Asia. Unfortunately, the condiment failed to bring much impact to the flavour of the dish. It looked pretty, but I was hoping for some punch-in-the-face action to wake me from my Sunday slumber.

And then I began to wonder… Is it possible to create a true point of difference when it comes to cafe breakfast? Indeed, is it possible to innovate? Perhaps we are all just stuck in our habits that see a vast majority of us eating the same thing each morning, and then repeating that by ordering the same thing each time we breakfast/brunch in cafes on the weekend. Certainly, there are some differences that chefs are coming up with to try and make things interesting for themselves and their customers at breakfast. Although I suspect that people are happy with the choices on offer, and may even balk at anything that strays too far from the norm.

Tall Timber is a place that I would happily come to on a regular basis. A solid cafe that offers everything you would expect, and with an outdoor setup that is sure to delight during the warmer months. There is ample space for larger groups, although based on the popularity with locals on the weekend, it would be normal to expect to wait even for a small table at peak times. You would be proud to invite your friends here.

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