Hawker Hall


Right off the bat I am going to get it out there… This place was nothing short of amazing. I felt it necessary to say that straight away, just so there was no confusion. For the 2 hours we were in the place, the only word I was able to utter was mmm! Does that even pass for language?


There are a number of people that have been a little harsh in their criticism. They’ve been to Asia and eaten the Hawker style food there and it was cheap. How can Hawker Hall charge so much. Let me clear that up for those that can’t see this is completely obvious:

  1. It’s Chapel St, and this is no small venue
  2. The staff are incredibly well trained and provide the best service I have ever experienced in a place as fast paced as this
  3. The kitchen operates like a well-oiled machine

They charge not because they can, but because this is what it costs to operate a venue like this. And it is worth every cent, without any doubt. The whole thing is seamless. This is no cram-in-as-many-seats-as-we-can kind of place. Every detail has been considered and planned to make this a true experience.

It may not be to everyone’s taste. There are some who say that they are trading on the success of Chin Chin. Yes, they are. Chin Chin is incredibly successful because the same applies. Put together the best team of professionals and wow the audience on a consistent basis.


I have no idea if the food was authentic. But I loved it. Every bit of it. Each dish was familiar, and yet each dish took that familiarity to a new level that left me wowed. I was so entranced that I completely forgot to take photos of the majority of the dishes. We chose the “Feed Me” option, and this was just a smart choice from the get go. The food was never ending. They basically keep it coming til you say stop, then bring out dessert.


Toasted coconut meatballs; amazing. Popcorn chicken; perhaps just ok in the context of this meal. Pork and chive wontons; that sauce! Satay chicken ribs; oh my god these are good! Roast duck salad; a perfect combination of so many flavours. Economy noodle; a marvelous understatement. Beef rendang; who knew it was possible to make this dish this good?! Chickpea curry; not my favorite, but vege friendly. Roast pork belly; those little lettuce cups with a divine plum sauce (although the skin was not crispy enough for some). And just when the bellies were full to bursting out come the desserts. Milo dinosaur sundae; such a great mix of this Aussie classic and the coconut ice-cream (not to mention the chocolate OMG so good!). Roti apple pie; the burnt caramel ice-cream will hit you like a freight train – in a good way. Banana sundae; custardy sago that is better than any other sago pudding I have tasted.


If the above didn’t convince you, I will say it one more time. This was one amazing feast and an experience that I am so glad I had. To top this off, they have a great list of beers and wines (tap and bottle) that you couldn’t help but smile uncontrollably. So there you have it… GET ON IT!

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