Mammy’s Boy


The sign on the door says “Mammy’s Boy Chip Shop” and I guess I thought this meant fish and chips, not burgers and chips. To be fair they do sell fried fish, and perhaps they have morphed into the burger thing from a starting point of fish and chips? Anyhow, they are clearly firmly into burgers right now, which is in keeping with this enduring phase of the Melbourne food scene.

There has been a slight hiatus in my burger journey, but I had always meant to visit this place at some point. About 12 months ago I moved to St Kilda, and tried a few of the burger joints in the area. I was somewhat underwhelmed. Now that I am on the cusp of moving again, I thought it worthwhile to check this place out and see if I had been missing anything…

Straight into the burger, and there is a lot to like here. Patty cooked nicely, with a nice pink blush left in the centre of the patty. The bun was soft and a little sweet. That sweetness was buffered nicely by a vinegar hit from the mustard and ketchup sauce combo. I love a little bit of salad in my burger, so thank you very much for the lettuce and tomato to give this a freshness kick. Cheese is there because, cheeseburger. My only complaint would be the excessive use of onion. Onion breath!

This is not a stand out burger experience. But that’s not saying I was disappointed. This is a solid burger that ticks a lot of boxes. And it is far and away the best burger to be had in St Kilda in my opinion. They have managed to put together something that I would be interested to come back to time and again.

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