I’ve been to Milkboy a number of times. It’s a bit of a “local” in terms of being close to my work – a desert in terms of good coffee. We often do venture probably further than is allowed by our 30 minute lunch break. This is no exception, although it is within the bounds of being acceptable. The service here can be a little hit and miss, but after eating here a few times the kitchen is at least consistent.

I have a weakness for breakfast dishes, so this was the first time I have ordered from the lunch menu. Apart from the fact they called it a “burger” when in fact it is a sandwich, I was very happy with my choice. Ok, I get it. If they did properly call it a sandwich, then some idiot would complain that it was not served between sliced bread, but I think the education needs to start somewhere, doesn’t it?

The brisket was not meltingly tender, but this was not unexpected. The only real way to achieve that is to carve it straight from the smoker. As with all cafes, there are practical considerations and the brisket would be pre-cooked and reheated to order. No complaint here from me. The barbecue sauce I have to say was a really good one. Plenty of vinegar to compliment the variety of spices and the richness of the beef. Perhaps the balance of the dish was skewed too far towards the acidic, with the capers and pickles in with the smashed kipflers, but I wouldn’t want them to change the sauce recipe. Just a small change to the side is all that is required here.

The coffee is getting better the more I visit here. There have been some up and down experiences, but they seem to be getting things under control in this area. The coffee machine has the digital timers for all to see in this setup, and I have noted a wide variety of extraction times being achieved while I sit and watch. Sometimes this has a noticeable effect on the coffee taste, but the beans here are top notch.

Based on the competition in the immediate area, I think that Milkboy has it about right. There is room for improvement, but I will keep coming back. I’m not convinced the burbs are ready for the inner city experience this far out. I think they are pushing it as far as it can go for the regular clientele in Cheltenham.

Milkboy Espresso and Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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