So… This whole thing began as a way to save my burger eating adventures on Facebook for future posterity. Then my interest and enjoyment in the writing began to flourish. To begin this blog, I will simply upload my catalogue of Facebook posts so far. There will be a continuation of burger posts, as at the time of writing this is still very much a passion of mine. There will also be a smattering of other food related posts, from my non-burger adventures, as well as my own adventures in cooking.

Food is a passion. In a former life I was a professional chef, with experience in a variety of commercial kitchen environments. Since leaving that career behind, my passion for food has only grown as part of my identity. However, in my writing I would like to expand beyond burgers; beyond food even; to focus on the subject matter that takes my interest. I hope that there will be some food lovers out there who will enjoy my posts, and indulge my foray into non-food related areas of interest.

I have been described in the past as “faddish.” I tend to find a flavour of the month – subject or topic – and delve deep through the available content provided by Google. Sometimes, this may even lead to some actual book reading; if I get really enamoured with the topic. Let’s see where this may lead…


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